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Toot, toot! The winners are…

The Nanny Paws f&g winners are Catherine Smegal and Terri Cohlene!

Willow, your name popped up third in the random name picker. If Catherine or Terri have moved to outer space or otherwise cannot be found, I'll email you for your address, ok?

Remember please, Terri and Catherine, that these are unbound review copies, and not copies of the actual book. I don't even have one of those yet.

Thanks for participating, everyone. If you do get a copy of Nanny Paws when she releases May 22nd, I'd be happy to send you a signed bookplate. Just email me your address and the name of the person the book is for (wendy (@) wendy wahman (dot) com). You can also call University Book Store and pre-order books. I'll sign them during the book launch, May 20th, and the store will mail the book to you at no extra cost.

The bookplates:

Free bookplates. Just ask!

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