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Win an f&g of “Nanny Paws”

I'm giving away two F&G's* of my upcoming picture book, "Nanny Paws." (Unleashing in your neighborhood, May 22, 2018). I'll pour your names into this Random Name Picker Sunday Feb. 18th and it will pick the two winners. Check back Sunday after 5 to see if you won, and if you did, toot, toot, email me your address.

Just leave a comment or subscribe to my neglected blog here, and your name will go into the hat. If you're inspired to write a review of Nanny Paws somewhere, and if you listen really hard, you'll hear the scraping of my hat on the floor, as I bow deeply in gratitude from afar.

*F&G stands for fold & gathered. These are unbound proofs and may contain content not in the final release. And by gum, these do! I know because we just made a few edits.

Click here to see the book trailer

Click here for Nanny Paws on things like pillows, shirts, mugs and cards, or here to buy an original Nanny Paws dog collar.

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