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I want a pony!

If I could be any animal, I'd be a horse. Preferably living with someone like Jean-François Pignon.

"Pony in the City"

But since I can't be a horse, I'll content myself to living vicariously through the ponies at ‘The Pony Paddock.’ September 12th, Otis and his friends come clippity cloppiting into town! Yes, sir, yes ma’m, now, we can all have that pony we always wanted.

Otis and his herd can be found grazing on grass and daisies in your favorite book seller's pasture. And if you pre-order from University Bookstore before Sept. 17th, I’ll sign and dedicate your book(s). University Bookstore will mail them for free to you or gift recipient. 1-800-335-7323.

Otis in his film debut!

His publisher, Sterling Publishing

His editor and beloved step-mother, Christina Pulles

And his agent, Erzsi Deak

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