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June 20, 2014

Just another day in the park

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Or, how to meet dogs safely! Notice my body position in the first photo as I’m being charged by my friends from Alchmy Poodles. My body is slightly crouched and turned to the side. Before the pack reached me, I picked up that stick so I could toss it away from me for a dog to chase, should it be just too overwhelming a greeting. I could also have held onto the stick and let a dog grab it to connect with me without jumping on me – or grabbing my hand. In the second photo, my left palm is turned forward for a touch. The dog who is turning away is Clooney (and a good friend!). Like many other well trained dogs, Clooney has learned to touch. He will touch my palm, then move away. Clooney lives with Carol and David and two kitties.

Photos by Carol Whitfield



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