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September 28, 2010

New doodles, as per request

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Yes, a real live request. For you, Lynne!

To Do list. Prior to Sickle Cell Anemia fundraiser face painting day

Phone conversation with t-shirt organizer for Poodle Club of America

September 13, 2010

Things I learned on the farm

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Nutmeg the pony and her kids.

There were big goldfish in the water troughs to eat mosquito larvae.

Green eggs are not made by hens eating alfalfa and horse poo as I believed. They come from a pretty hen called, the Araucana.

Hanging a dead crow (that drowned in a water trough) from a tree drives crows away. The farmer had hundreds of crows in the trees. She blamed a new Indian restaurant for luring crows to the neighborhood. Or something like that… I didn’t quite follow as I was fixated on the scare crow. She told me soon after the restaurant opened up there were so many crows, they blackened the sky. Her family had to yell to be heard over the crow din. She hung up a dead crow. The murder flew one by one to inspect the dangling dead crow. They mourned, then left. Permanently.

Horse’s eyes move stereoscopically. If a horse points his left ear back, his left eye looks back too. Right ear to the side, right eye is looking to the side. Horses have a blind spot between their eyes. Stroke their neck instead. Under the mane, up by the roots, it is warm and comforting. I think you’ll like that.

The ponies already had thick winter coats in late August. This means winter will be very cold. I wonder if the fish will freeze. Maybe the farmer takes them inside in the winter. Let’s pretend.

I do like the idea of gold fish in water bowls. I wonder if the poodles would like that? They do like fish. So does my kitty.

Photo by Phil Webber, 1964

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