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July 15, 2010

Tribute to young dogs gone too soon

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Posted with permission from my friend, Brent. We met when they had Toby (aka, The Frisbee King), who died from a brain tumor at six years old.

I am always struck by a dog’s life cut short. I believe older dogs, having had a full life, understand it is time to go – they have given their all to their pack, and it is time for the pack to move forward. But there is something tragic about a dog leaving in the prime of his life.

… Kipling: “…I bid you beware of giving your heart to a dog to tear.”  This is something that has always been a mystery to me, even as is the difficulty I face trying to put into words the foreign emotions that take hold. I believe dogs add another dimension to the human experience; that dimension would not exist were there not dogs. We love our parents, we love our siblings, we love our life partner – but why does the love of our dog stand out?

I had always enjoyed dogs growing up, but never actually ‘got’ them. They just sort of followed us around, chased sticks and barked a lot. However, things changed one day long ago when, while hiking, I ran across a woman with 2 Standards. We talked about her dogs for a bit, then I knelt down to greet one of them, and for the first time the ‘connection’ occurred. This lanky Standard Poodle took time out from playing to come quickly and deliberately in front me, stared for the longest moment into my eyes, through my eyes, into my soul, and with a lick of my chin was off and running again. I was awe struck at what just happened to me. It was a life changing event to experience such a connection.

Daily, I take the time to talk to our Rusty in a soft voice, assuring him of his place in the pack, and bidding him to seize to the day, because he doesn’t know how short his days might be. Sometimes he will look off to the side, listening intently, then he’ll return his gaze into my eyes, through my eyes, into my soul, and with a lick of my chin, he’ll settle back into his nap with a deep sigh. We never know how much our dog understands of our love, but I believe he understands enough to know how much we value him. What does he give back? It’s still a mystery to me, but I think he provides an insight into an innocence and trust that humans no longer possess. I believe our dogs help us find it once again within the core of ourselves. And losing a dog tears us to that core.

A quote I remember from when our Toby passed away: “If dogs don’t go to heaven, then I want to go where dogs go.” I still want that more than ever.

– Brent

Signature Soup

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I’m in a doggy raw food co-op. The woman who runs this volunteer group is Debbie Mason, a big hearted, patient level-headed dog worshipper who has become a friend. We’ve only met once or twice but we email, mostly about dogs and meat but often just to say what’s up.

I rarely read people’s email signatures unless I need to. “Skinny dog in training” caught my eye. Then, “Flapdoodle” and on it went til I read them all.  I asked Debbie if I could post her wonderful alphabet soup signature:


Saving the World, One Dog At A Time. Please Adopt a Rescued Dog!

Wazzu, NATCH-14, Versatility NATCH-2, Triple Triple Superior Versatility, 12,500 lifetime point award, NADAC #2 ranked mixed breed in North America – 2006, S-HP-O, AD, RN, HIC, CGC, DPP,  3rd place Double Digit 2008 NADAC Championships, Service Dog, Rescue Dog

Sparkie (Huckleberry Flying Flapdoodle), NATCH-18, Versatility NATCH-15,Platinum Speed Star-3, Platinum Versatility Speed Star-2,  Elite All Around, Triple Triple Superior Versatility, 15,000 NADAC lifetime point award, three time NADAC Championship Finalist, #1 Mixed Breed in North America 2005-2009, NADAC Top Ten 2005-2009, Rescue Dog

Slugger, TG-E, O-TN-E,  HP-N, Novice Superior Versatility, 1,500 NADAC points,  CGC, #1 Pit in NADAC Tunnelers 2007, Rescue Dog

Boogie (CH Sunkist Shake Rattle And Roll), OA, OAJ, OAF, S-EAC, S-EJC, S-TN-E, S-HP-E, O-TG-E, O-WV-E, Elite Versatility, ME,  RA, CGC, TDI, VX, CHIC, Stud Dog

2iggie (Huckleberry Flapdoodle 2), Skinny dog in training, WV-N,  Rescue Dog

I’ve recently started LaRoo in Agility, so this all means a bit more to me.

July 8, 2010


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That’s my new word for GoGo’s hollering at Joe in the morning. GoGo is 14 and gets everything she wants. She doesn’t have a lot of time left, she knows what she wants, when she wants it and that is Now. She speaks in a warbling rahr rahr rahr, with sharp yips interspersed when she’s getting fed up. Or I guess I should say, not fed up. When she gets desperate for Joe to put down his stupid book and give her his breakfast, it can get pretty intense.

We don’t feed Andy and Laroo from the table and they don’t question or beg while they watch the Joe & GoGo Show. They know this is GoGo’s treat. At dinner, Joe  likes to hand feed her noodles, one at a time. He’ll also suck hot sauce off pieces of chicken or beans to give to GoGo. See why I love this guy?

July 6, 2010

Notebooks and ponies

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Phone doodles. I wish I could remember who I was talking to about a Blue Ribbon Fair. What? It sounds like it involves a pie baking contest, at least.

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