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May 31, 2009

Was that, Lick or Don’t Lick

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A friend showed me an email and said I could share it here:

“Just wanted to share that Sophia loves her new book. She had Brent read it to her three times this morning. And I wish you guys could have seen. The title is called, “Don’t Lick the Dog.” Sophia proceeded to lick every dog on each page. It was hilarious.”

I’ve heard of a well thumbed book, but this one will be well gummed.

May 23, 2009

Pink toys taste best

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She still loves pink poodle toys best. LaRoo at 9 weeks


May 20, 2009

Run Like A Dog 5k Run/Walk: Come!

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To raise money for Thurston County Humane Society: 9 a.m. Saturday, August 22nd.

I’ll be there to read. Maybe walk. I’d like to walk, but I was invited to read. Can I read and walk at the same time? I can pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time… maybe I’ll just RUN LIKE A DOG

To register for the event you must fill out a registration form and send it to runlikeadog@gmail.com or mail it directly to:
South Bay Veterinary Hospital
3600 South Bay Road
Olympia, Wa 98506


Momo, my angel

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Morgan Wheatberry Modigliani Sanders-Wahman the First, Momo, Momo B, Monkey Brown, Buttons

Morgan Wheatberry Modigliani Sanders-Wahman the First, Momo, Momo B, Monkey Brown, Buttons

I forgot kids might ask me questions about Momo, the dog I dedicated “Don’t Lick the Dog” to. It’s ok – until they start pointing to the photos of my 3 living poodles and ask, “is he dead? What about this one, is she dead?” I did a similar thing to my poor grandfather when my grandmother died. He was sitting in silence and grief in the living room. I asked my mom why he was so sad and she told me not to talk to him about Gramma… dur! Poor Grampa.

My dead poodle’s name is Morgan Wheatberry Modigliani, and he was my and Joe’s first poodle child. A big sassy-pants, high stepping brown standard poodle from Escondido, California. We started calling him Momo, when we got GoGo two years later. Morgan wanted a human baby, but all we could rustle up was another brown puppy. He made do.

Before we got GoGo we traveled the circumference of the US with Momo and our cat, Minus Monk. Momo was The Ambassador of Poodles. Especially with children. He loved children. You know those bomb /drug / cancer-sniffing dogs? He was a child sniffing dog. When we got GoGo from the same breeder (Janice Teller-West for the poodle pedigree curious) and she was even more of a child sniffer-outer. We call GoGo the Nanny and she’ll be 13 July 17th. I have 3 books to write about her someday – soon, I hope.

Minus Monk

Minus Monk

GoGo, Teller to GoGo, Peanut, Conchita, PeachPie, Peanutbutter-Sandwich-of-a-Girl

GoGo, Teller to GoGo, Peanut, Conchita, PeachPie, Peanutbutter-Sandwich-of-a-Girl

But back to Momo. He was our everything. Our sweet potato pie. He was always healthy until one day he wasn’t. He got very sick very fast. He and Joe and GoGo went for a 70 minute run in the woods the day he fell ill. He had idiopathic aplastic anemia… interestingly, while researching his illness I learned many children get this. It was too late for our sweet Buttons though, and he left us after a month.

So now, Momo bounds through the sky, catching falling stars and wagging up wind storms.


May 17, 2009

Little jewels

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Like this one.. who played with Marquessa La Pink for at least a half hour while her dad and I talked at a book signing yesterday for Page Ahead.


School days

Somerset elementary I did more drawing from squiggles. I don’t know who has more fun playing this game, them or me, but I think I’ll keep this as part of my act. Act? Me?  Yikes, how did I get here! Wendy, the introvert, playing with puppets in public, and speaking in ‘Andy’s voice’ to a room full of six year-olds.  

Someone told me once that, extroverts get energy from parties, introverts get drained. I’m in the drain category, no doubt.. but when I put on my party hat and wear my puppets, pens and pictures, it’s like another me. A butterfly me, slowly stretching her new wings in the warm spring air. 

Today I’m going to Queen Anne Books at 2:00. Cat and Vita Pepita, Vikki and TinTin & Nickel the poodles will be there. And me, with my butterfly wings.

Is it working? We had some trouble with the slideshow for the first group

Is it working? We had some trouble with the slideshow for the first group


Student draws a squiggle line for me to make into something

Student draws a squiggle line for me to draw into something







Drawing a dog with one one line

Drawing a dog with one one line

May 13, 2009

My name in letters

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Maltby elementary school welcomed me with open arms and busy crayons yesterday. I was greeted by a 30-ft. sign saying, “Welcome Ms. Wahman” I can’t tell you how good this made me feel. When I overcame my embarrassment and got up close, I saw that it was a mosaic of personal notes and drawings from the students. Happily, I got to bring the enormous sign home, and I plan to unroll it and read and photograph some of the art. The day was an embarrassment of riches. One nice person, saying one or 2 or five nice things after another.

I had nothing to fear… except running out of time, and the frustration of not getting to pick every child’s upraised arm and answer every question or hear every story. I hope they write their stories down for me. Maybe I’ll find some on the big sign when I unroll it, like a treasure map, tonight.

Thank you Maltby Elementary and Rick Cissna, Librarian Extraordinarian!










May 12, 2009

BookMoot review

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“Not sure if he is endorsing children’s books but I think Cesar Millan would give this book a thumbs-up. Wendy Wahman has created a sweet rhyming text to guide children through the steps of interacting with and meeting and greeting dogs.
The illustrations really star with two page spreads and bright color wheel inspired pictures.

Dogs of every variety make stylized and smiling appearances in a way that reminded me of the opening sequence of the animated movie, 101 Dalmations. With simple strokes and lines, Wahman manages to create real dogs and children who regard each other with interest. When children need to avoid a nervous or angry dog, the text warns them to stand quietly and let the dog walk away or “cross your arms and turn your back when Jake jumps up and barks like that.”

The advice is delivered in rhyme which makes it an easy and oh-so-enjoyable read-aloud.

Loved it!”


She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain. — Louisa May Alcott 
The word 
moot is an archaic term meaning “argue, debate, discuss.” In early English history, a moot was a meeting to discuss local affairs. Moot comes from the Old English gemot, meaning “meeting.”

May 11, 2009

Big kids

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Tomorrow I’m going to Maltby Elementary to do a day long visit. I’ve only read to young kids, under 6, and tomorrow will be talking to K – 5th graders. I made a slideshow to talk a little more about art with the older kids. My favorite part is a short bit called, the Importance of Doodles. “Doodles are like daydreams with a pencil. I expect you all to doodle and daydream at least once during my visit.”  Works for me.

Here is my only surviving painting from kindergarten. I thought the kindergartners could relate, and it might entice the fifth graders to  have mercy on me.


May 8, 2009

I made it on the Cover-to-Cover again

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Don’t Lick the Author

At least three poodles — two gray, one black — were in attendance and wearing their party manners as first-time author Wendy Wahman read her new picture book, “Don’t Lick the Dog” at a book-launch party Saturday night at Parkplace Books in Kirkland.

“It was a festive evening, with wine, cheese, brownies and plenty of mingling among the attendees — many of whom were Wahman’s colleagues from the late, lamented Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

In addition to assorted small children, guests included Kitty the Portuguese water dog, Smithers the Australian shepherd (who practically grew up at the P-I alongside artist Andrew Saeger), a mellow Golden Retriever (aren’t they all?) and a big, black Reading With Rover dog.

Wahman is a natural around small children, with a gentle, easy manner and an ability to relate to the world as they see it. (She was overheard to say she wasn’t nervous about reading to the kids, it was the adults who scared her.)…”

Thanks so much, Cecelia!


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