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June 14, 2009

About ‘Just One More Book!’

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Thanks for reviewing “Don’t Lick the Dog,” Andrea and Mark. You guys do an incredible job finding wonderful books to review, and I’m thrilled to be in the mix.

Just One More Book is a thrice-weekly podcast which promotes and celebrates literacy and great children’s books.

Each weekday morning, we take a few minutes out of our morning coffee ritual to discuss one of our many favourite children’s books. We also feature weekly interviews with authors, illustrators and experts and enthusiasts in the areas of children’s literature and literacy as well as listener-submitted audio reviews.

Through this podcast and its website, we are building a lively, interactive community linking children’s book authors, illustrators, readers (children, parents, educators and librarians) and publishers.

Episodes range in length from 5 to 30 minutes and can be played directly from our web page or downloaded to an iPod for listening on the go.

This podcast is powered by passion. We have no advertisers or sponsors. Our goal is to link children with great books and help create happy memories for children and the adults that read to them…and to have fun!

If you would like to share these conversations with others who are interested in connecting families and children with great children’s books, please feel free to link to this site and to pass it along to parents and teachers.

We hope you discover some new favourites!”

– Andrea Ross & Mark Blevis


May 12, 2009

BookMoot review

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“Not sure if he is endorsing children’s books but I think Cesar Millan would give this book a thumbs-up. Wendy Wahman has created a sweet rhyming text to guide children through the steps of interacting with and meeting and greeting dogs.
The illustrations really star with two page spreads and bright color wheel inspired pictures.

Dogs of every variety make stylized and smiling appearances in a way that reminded me of the opening sequence of the animated movie, 101 Dalmations. With simple strokes and lines, Wahman manages to create real dogs and children who regard each other with interest. When children need to avoid a nervous or angry dog, the text warns them to stand quietly and let the dog walk away or “cross your arms and turn your back when Jake jumps up and barks like that.”

The advice is delivered in rhyme which makes it an easy and oh-so-enjoyable read-aloud.

Loved it!”


She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain. — Louisa May Alcott 
The word 
moot is an archaic term meaning “argue, debate, discuss.” In early English history, a moot was a meeting to discuss local affairs. Moot comes from the Old English gemot, meaning “meeting.”

May 8, 2009

I made it on the Cover-to-Cover again

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Don’t Lick the Author

At least three poodles — two gray, one black — were in attendance and wearing their party manners as first-time author Wendy Wahman read her new picture book, “Don’t Lick the Dog” at a book-launch party Saturday night at Parkplace Books in Kirkland.

“It was a festive evening, with wine, cheese, brownies and plenty of mingling among the attendees — many of whom were Wahman’s colleagues from the late, lamented Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

In addition to assorted small children, guests included Kitty the Portuguese water dog, Smithers the Australian shepherd (who practically grew up at the P-I alongside artist Andrew Saeger), a mellow Golden Retriever (aren’t they all?) and a big, black Reading With Rover dog.

Wahman is a natural around small children, with a gentle, easy manner and an ability to relate to the world as they see it. (She was overheard to say she wasn’t nervous about reading to the kids, it was the adults who scared her.)…”

Thanks so much, Cecelia!


May 7, 2009

From Examiner.com

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  “If local illustrator and author Wendy Wahman took one of those online tests that reveal what breed of dog a person most resembles, she would surely be deemed a standard poodle. She is tall, smart and regal, with an engaging, welcoming smile. She even sports the requisite topknot of soft ringlets. And it’s a good thing that Wahman seems akin to poodles, since her family consists of three of them, along with two cats and a husband.

Inspired by one of her poodles, Andy, who is afraid of children and their wiggly ways, Wahman decided to write a children’s book designed to teach kids how to make friends with dogs. The resulting book is a kaleidoscope of color and joy, punctuated by memorable rhymes detailing the best way to meet a dog. 

Don’t Lick the Dog: Making Friends With Dogs” is geared for children aged 4-8, but contains words of wisdom for all ages: Move slowly, extend a hand to be sniffed before petting, and flatten your hand when feeding a dog a treat.

Wahman’s unique, colorful illustrations and lighthearted rhymes make what could be a list of dos and don’ts into an adventure that kids will want to experience over and over. And the kids aren’t the only ones having fun with this book.

“Joe and I don’t have kids,” says Wahman. “‘Don’t Lick the Dog’ has opened up a whole new world for me… Kids! Kids! Everywhere! I LOVE reading to kids and talking to them about dog safety and art, and hearing their stories and observations.”

The book is garnering praise among dog experts and kid experts alike. Trainer Victoria Stilwell, host of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog,” says the book “perfectly encapsulates my philosophies on [how to safely interact with dogs] in a really fun and engaging way.…” 


April 26, 2009

7-Imp’s 7 Kicks #112: Featuring Wendy Wahman

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Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast (Why Stop at Six?)

~a blog about books by Jules

Here today: http://blaine.org/sevenimpossiblethings/?p=1658

And Archived: http://blaine.org/sevenimpossiblethings/?p=1658


and I am impossibly flattered

April 16, 2009

Podcast on Just One More Book, April 17

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A chat about Don’t Lick the Dog is the Friday April 17th, 2009 edition of  the Children’s Book Podcast  Just One More Book!!  — a podcast about thechildren’s books we love and why we love them. 

You can listen to our chat by double clicking the play button (“>” ) on the “Listen Now” icon: 


March 15, 2009

Review from Booklist

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A while back my publisher sent this to me… happy news!  I can’t seem to find a link on line to the real review so I’m going to post this uncorrected pre-review and hope I don’t get in trouble. I suppose I could buy a copy of the magazine, but probably won’t.

March 4, 2009

This must be my gold watch…

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… a very nice features story by Cecelia Goodnow in Thursday’s P-I:  http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/books/402294_wendy05.html

pistoryweb“Andy’s dark eyes are alluring, and his toussled gray curls emit pure animal magnetism. It’s tempting to reach out and give the guy a pat on his fluffy head. Then you remember Wendy Wahman’s playful admonition in “Don’t Lick the Dog: Making Friends With Dogs.” “Whap! Whap! Whap! Dogs hate that! Stand still and let dogs come to you to smell your hand or sniff your shoe.” Point taken.”

February 26, 2009

Cover to Cover Kids

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Book critic and P-I coworker, Cecelia Goodnow’s nice review of “Don’t Lick the Dog” on Cover to Cover Kids blog:


wendy11Thank you Cecelia!

A feature story by Cecelia will be running in the P-I Thursday, March 5th, that is, if the paper has not been shut down already. The last day of the  P-I is slated for March 18th.

February 13, 2009

They like Don’t Lick…!

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“This is the perfect book for all dog-loving kids. I absolutely love it.”
Carol Lea Benjamin, author of See Spot Sit, 101 Illustrated Tips for Training the Dog You Love”

“What a delightful book on a vitally important subject! I hope it finds its way into the hands of many children who will benefit by being safer when interacting with our four-legged best friends.”

Pat Miller, CPDT, CDBC, author of  “The Power of Positive Dog Training” and “Play With Your Dog”. Frequent contributor to Whole Dog Journal.

“Thanks for this creative and fun little book for children (and adults !) –  so full of surprises. If a book can teach children about dogs and how to be around them, this must be it!”
Turid Rugaas
Author of “On Talking Terms with Dogs. The Calming Signals”

“Don’t Lick the Dog encapsulates the main points we always try to get across to people—adults and children—about how to safely approach and interact with a strange dog.  Wendy’s illustrations and verse make it a fun, easy, and delightful read that moves quickly with lots of bounce, just like a happy, wiggly puppy!”
Emily Keegans
Behavior Program Manager Seattle Humane Society

“Don’t Lick the Dog is bursting with joy; it encourages empathy and tickles the funny bone with a use of color and line that is both beautiful and touching. The clever, funny swirl of characters teaches everything a kid must know to befriend a dog. And kids will find something new to giggle at each time they enjoy the book, thanks to the oodles of dogs and visual jokes on every page. If learning was always this much fun, we’d all be rocket scientists.”
Barbara Shumannfang, PhD, CPDT
Professional dog trainer and author of “Happy Kids, Happy Dogs: Building a Friendship Right from the Start”

“A great teaching tool for parents! It is a colorful, fun book to be shared and provides valuable insight to children in making friends with strange dogs. The illustrations will draw you in and the text teaches children in a way they will understand immediately. “Don’t Lick the Dog: Making Friends With Dogs” by Wendy Wahman should be in every child’s book collection. This is one of the best books I’ve seen to directly speak to children about how to interact with canines.”
Diane Garrod
Certified P1 Practitioner, Tellington Touch Method of Training

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