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August 8, 2013

Henri, Grumpy Cat and ‘A Cat Like That’ share the glitter. Or at least the litter.

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What do Henri, Grumpy Cat, Shark Cat, and my children’s book trailer for A Cat Like That, all have in common? They’ve been selected from over 7,000 entries for the catvidfest 2013, that’s what.

Airs August 28th at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN, with U.S. tour to follow

If a cat could pick the best vid in the whole wide world… it would be this.


August 24, 2009

Society of Illustrators Original Art Show

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I’ve been invited to hang a piece  from Don’t Lick the Dog in this years children’s book show in New York. This is zippy fun news for me since I assumed I would not. I’m not a complete pessimist, just get my share of uh-uhs. In dog training they call them No Reward Markers.

I often comfort myself with Eudora Welty’s motto (paraphrased):  “work without hope or despair.”  It’s said she had that taped to her typewriter.

Now to choose which spread to frame and send. Chaos or simple?



May 5, 2009

Ok – one more final award: SND

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End of an era. 12 years at the Seattle P-I. 

Society of News Design award of excellence for an illustration for story about having a safety net of friends and family in tough times.



April 30, 2009

Third Best in the West

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No gold, not frst, but most likely my last, ‘Best in the West’ newspaper award. Unless I miraculously hook up with a real live newspaper in the future. 

The story was about putting up with your crumby lousy trapped like a rat job with your horrible ogre boss. Stay in your stinkin’ lousy job cause it’s worse on the other side of your rat trap cubicle maze. I feel for the pink mouse. And if you look at his waist line, he’s suckin’ it in and suckin’ it up.

Third Place: “Hate Your Job,” by Wendy Wahman, Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

“This illustration shows a mastery of a well developed style, one that makes you look at it and gives the viewer a smile, the judges wrote. It is brave and bold. The judges noted that there were many more intricate illustrations contending, but this one stood because it was “executed the way Matisse would have drawn on his canvas, in a very secure way.”


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